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Dutch as a second language (NT2)

Have you lived in the Netherlands for a few years or recently moved to the Netherlands, and want to be able or gain confidence to speak with your Dutch friends or colleagues?

The TAALbrigade is a group of enthusiastic and very experienced language trainers. We provide (individual) language courses in an easy-going and cosy environment. The lessons are very interactive, you will be speaking Dutch from the first lesson on. This way you will learn the communication skills you need to gain the confidence to speak Dutch.

How many hours?

You will be amazed what you will learn in only one individual lesson. But of course it takes time to learn new language skills and to gain the confidence to speak in a natural way. Our language training courses are 40 to 60 hours with one lesson (2,5 to 3 hours) a week and exercises to practise during the week. This way you will have 4 to 8 months to develop your language skills. The longer the language training course, the lower our hourly rate.

The TAALbrigade approach

1 Enthusiastic and very experienced language trainers with a patient learning approach.
2 You can ask as many questions and get as many explanation as you like.

3 The training course is tailored exactly to your wishes and personal needs
4 The longer the language training course, the lower our hourly rate.
5 From passive language knowledge to active language skills
6 Gain the confidence to speak Dutch in any situation.

We give Dutch courses in the Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht area and the lessons will be held at the company you work for (in-company) or another place you feel comfortable at.

About The TAALbrigade

The TAALbrigade provides tailor-made individual Dutch courses and in-company group courses. Stefan was working at a big language institute and it was his job to keep contact with the students and the language teachers. He discovered how the students wanted to learn and which language teachers were considered the most inspiring. These language teachers are the TAALbrigade now.