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Dutch course Almere

You want to learn Dutch or organise a Dutch course for (you and) your colleagues in Almere ? We’ll teach you how to speak Dutch fluently and confidently in everyday situations. And in a fun way!

What do we do

We’re a group of enthusiastic & patient Dutch teachers. We organise private and group Dutch courses at your office in Almere  on a day and time that suits you best. You’ll get much speaking practice and speak Dutch from day one. Because we teach in small groups each student will get much individual attention.

Learning the fun way

Overcoming the fear of speaking Dutch and making mistakes can be challenging. That’s why we use a large variety of exercises and fun language games to make our lessons interactive and fun. The teachers are easy to talk to and give you the funmotivation to keep going!

Benefits of our course:

  • Much speaking practice. Just as learning how to play tennis, you won’t learn how to speak Dutch from reading books!
  • Interactive and fun lessons. We know that sometimes you’ll need a little bit of motivation, so you can expect fun and interesting lessons!
  • Learning how to handle daily conversations. We know it’s hard to practice Dutch in real life, that’s why we focus on daily conversations at work and everyday life.
  • We are a flexible language partner. We schedule the lessons when it suits you best and organise the course to your needs.
  • You’ll get one point of contact. Course organisors and students will get one point of contact.


Private course – 30 or 40 hours

This program is for beginners who want to kickstart their Dutch or advanced learners who are looking for much speaking practice. You’ll get one 2,5 hour (4 hours of selfstudy) lesson a week.

  • 30 hour program: € 2.375,- (book, learning materials are included)
  • 40 hour program: € 3.025,- (book, learning materials are included)

Incompany group course – 40 hours

This program is for beginners who want to kickstart their Dutch or advanced learners who are looking for much speaking practice. The students will get one 2,5 hour lesson (4 hours of selfstudy) a week.

  • 40 hour program: € 3.400,- (plus € 95,- each student for a book and learning materials)

De TAALbrigade Almere 

We’re a group of well-educated Dutch teachers from Almere  with a lot of in-company teaching experience. But our most important asset is our enthusiastic and patient learning approach. And our ability to create a fun and motivating learning environment.

During the course

During the course you’ll get a private language consultant. If you have questions/ remarks you don’t feel comfortable to share with your teacher then you can share this with the consultant.

After the course

After the course students have a solid basis and can continue to learn Dutch on their own. Advanced students know how to hold a conversation and are more confident Dutch speakers. The students will get a personal learning advice and can get a certificate.

Please let us know if we can help you too! Email: info@detaalbrigade.nl or call Stefan: 0681147883

Some more information about learning Dutch

10 problems of Dutch learners and how we try to deal with this;

  • Lack of opportunity. Since Dutch people switch to English in the blink of an eye, Dutch learners really struggle to practice Dutch in daily life. In our courses you’ll get much speaking practice and you’ll learn Dutch by doing.
  • Students struggle to transform passive language to active Dutch skills. You start to learn vocabulary, grammar, listening & understanding and read books. After while you start speaking but you normally struggle to do this. Try to find a colleague or friend to practice or take a language course aimed at speaking practice.
  • Students can’t get their pronunciation right. The Dutch pronunciation is something else. Foreigners might struggle to get this right. The best way is to ask feedback. In our course the teacher will spend much time on finetuning your pronunciation.
  • Fear of speaking & lack of confidence. Dutch learners often fear speaking. This mainly comes from a lack of practice. You need to start speaking, making mistakes and maybe look a bit funny. In the end learning a language means making mistakes and learning from it.
  • Lack of motivation. After a hard day of work the last thing you want is to open a dull book. That’s why we use a large variety of exercises and fun language games to make our lessons interactive and fun. The teachers will give you the funmotivation to keep going!
  • Perfectionism. Many language students are very motivated but suffer from perfectionism. This might have worked for them in their carreers, but learning a language is about trying, making mistakes, learn and improve. Our teachers will create a pleasant learning environment and will stimulate you to try, learn and improve.
  • Fear of making mistakes in a group course. Yes we understand this, the teacher already explained this and you don’t want to feel stupid and ask for more explanation. That’s why we teach in small groups and each student will get much personal attention.
  • Lack of time. We all have busy lives, that’s for sure. But if Elon Musk can set up all these succesfull companies while having a bunch of kids too, may you can also find some more time to study.
  • Negative inner voice. We all have this little nagging voice in our heads saying you can’t do it, you have no feeling for languages. Especially if you have no previous experience of learning a foreign language. But in reality we all can learn languages, if you’re 14 and if you’re 65.
  • Pace of language course. Language students often feel that they’re not ready yet for advanced topics. That’s why we don’t move to more complex topics till you understand the underlying principle.