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Private Dutch course

You’re already learning Dutch for a while, but you’re having a hard time to practise Dutch in real life? We get that! We’ll teach you how to speak Dutch fluently and confidently in everyday situations. And in a fun way!

What do we do

We’re a group of enthusiastic & patient Dutch teachers. We give private Dutch lessons at your office on a day and time that suits you best. You’ll speak Dutch from day one and the teacher will use a large variety of exercises and fun language games. The teachers are easy to talk to and give you the funmotivation to keep going!

Private approach

The lessons are tailormade for your learning goals and focus points. By learning individually with our friendly and patient Dutch teachers you’ll be able to fully concentrate and progress quickly. We’ll spend more time on topics you find difficult and you will learn at your own pace. In this way we’ll create a save and motivating learning environment.


  • Much speaking practice. Just as learning how to play tennis, you won’t learn how to speak Dutch from reading books!
  • Learning at your own pace. You can expect a patient teacher and we will only move to more complex topics unless you understand the basics.
  • Interactive and fun lessons. We know that sometimes you’ll need a little bit of motivation, so you can expect fun and interesting lessons!
  • You decide exactly what you want to learn. The course is designed for your specific needs and learning goals. And you can make adjustments during the course.
  • Learning how to handle daily conversations. We know it’s hard to practice Dutch in real life, that’s why we focus on daily conversations at work and everyday life.
  • From passive language to active Dutch skills. You’ll learn how to transform your passive language skills into active Dutch skills.


Beginners program – 40 hours (incompany or online)

This program is for beginners who want to kickstart their Dutch. You’ll build a solid basis in Dutch and get one 2,5 hour (3-5 hours of selfstudy) lesson a week. (online lessons are 1,5 to 2 hours)

  • 40 hour program: € 2.900,- excl. VAT (book, learning materials are included)

Advanced program – 30/ 35 hours (incompany or online)

This program is for advanced students who want much speaking practice to learn how to hold daily conversations. The program is tailored to your focus points and personal learning goals. You’ll get one one 2,5 hour (3-5 hours of selfstudy) lesson a week. (online lessons are 1,5 to 2 hours)

  • 30 hour program: € 2.350,- excl. VAT (intake, all learning materials are included)
  • 35 hour program: € 2.650,- excl. VAT (intake, all learning materials are included)

De TAALbrigade

We’re a group of well-educated Dutch teachers with a lot of in-company teaching experience. But our most important asset is our enthusiastic and patient learning approach. And our ability to create a fun and motivating learning environment.

During the course

During the course you’ll get a private language consultant. If you have questions/ remarks you don’t feel comfortable to share with your teacher then this is your point of contact.

After the course

After the course you’ll get a personal learning advice on how to keep going. If you want you can also get a language certificate. (CEFR; European standard)